The Hoover Dam Bypass is part of the CanaMex Highway that is intended to be a four-lane, uninterrupted highway between Canada and Mexico to increase trade within the NAFTA  Group.  The  project that will connect Arizona and Nevada with a 2,000 foot long span of four lane highway that will cross 890 feet above the Colorado River. 

The Hooover Dam has been a major delay along that route for some time. It cuts traffic down to two lanes and the volume of tourist traffic requires speed limits of 15 miles per hour.


The new bridge will cut past those delays and create a four-lane, sixty-five miles per hour route that will cut eight miles from the trip, reducing the overall trip time by at least twenty minutes. Once complete, Henderson is only 30 minutes from White Hills, and downtown Las Vegas only 45 minutes, putting us close enough to be a viable bedroom community for Las Vegas.

Banking on that, several developers have begun the planning and development of master planned communities in the area, such as Leonard Mardian's Ranch at White Hills. For detailed information, click here to see a recent front-page article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

For more info the official website for the Hoover Dam Bypass bridge project is


Picture of what dam will look like when completed.