A few places...a few experiences...a lot of fun

great friends

a lot of gratitude....."Carpe Diem! "

Raft safari in Botswana

Bungi over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

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Powder skiing in Aspen

Chess at the Beach at Giglio off Tuscany with the Famous Fabio and Alessandra!

"Scarface" (2nd from left) with other Pirates.....Charleton Heston in middle

On prow of Bounty arriving Port Antonio to shoot "Treasure Island" '89

Mila Miglia....1000 miles around back roads of Italy in Maserati

Horseback Riding to the base of Arenal in Costa Rica, to watch Molten Rocks fly out of Volcano          


Hanging out in Aussie -Cairns

Cheering on " Stars and Stripes off shore in Fremantle, Australia at......... America's Cup Races '87

Stuck in Saudi Arabian Desert with my Truck, " Ugly Gus"  and my hangglider


Hang Gliding down to " Gus " outside Jeddah , Saudi Arabia in '78

KP duty on board NY's Sail in British Virgin Islands; Dick, Bob and I


At the Helm, off Tortola

Windsurfing off Kailua, Hawaii

Overlooking ancient city of Lindos, Rhodes

Diving in Madang, Niugini

spearfishing in Fiji, South Pacific


In June ,2006, I began learning to fly.  Here is my first trip (with instructor) to California. 

We flew from Vegas to Santa Monica to Newport Beach and

back to Vegas at Night! (Wow!)

Successfully obtained my Private License in October!!!

I rode as a young man, gave it up...bought my buddies bike recently and here I am in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!  What beautiful country and what a beautiful bike  ......................a Victory Vegas!

Have put over 20 thousand miles on it, so far...


Fried Silk Worm - Streets of Beijing, China


Eating crackers On the Great Wall


Lava Flow from Pacaya Volcano - Guatemala

Top of Acatenago Volcano - Guatemala

Painting of my deck in Antigua, Guatemala

Weekend ride to Monterico, Guatemala on "Precious"

(Prelude to riding it across all of Central America


"Precious" fully loaded, on a stop, by a dam, on the way through El Salvador


Doing a painting for my room and board at the Terosa Escondido Hotel

in Boca Del Toro Panama

Festival of Kites

Day of the Dead in Guatemala

"Precious" and I taking a Panga out of Boca Del Toro, to the Mainland Panama


My riding buddy Marco and I taking a break

Lake Managua in background in Nicaraga


Crossing a river in Guatemala on a rainy morning




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