Why buy Arizona Real Estate?


Hello folks.....If you are on this page, you may be interested in purchasing Arizona Real Estate.  From my perspective, it is a great opportunity that is just beginning.  It is a chance for people to make great investments at great prices. As my partner calls it," The Perfect Storm" of real estate. 

Briefly, I will cover the perspective, as I see it.  Others, of course, may see it differently.  However, everyone is entitled to there own opinions.  This is mine.  The Perfect Storm combines a number of factors that come together once in a hundred years.  The effect is a change on a magnitude that is multiplied exponentially.  That power will change Arizona more quickly and dramatically in less time than it would normally be fathomable.  What we see as empty desert landscape, ten to twenty years  from now will be dynamic cities and towns.  Where one could buy acres upon acres of land at less than $1000 per acre, land will be costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It is just a matter of time.

There are many factors in the Perfect Storm.  Let me list some of them here:

1. Warm Weather - People are tired of living in cold weather.  The Population as a whole has been moving southward for decades now.  All the existing Southern cities are becoming crowded and overpriced.

2. Baby Boomers retirement time.  This increases the amplitude of the above. Millions will begin moving in the next several years.

3. Our "Bermuda Triangle" of the Perfect Storm is situated between the three major fronts; Southern California, Phoenix and Las Vegas.  All three areas have booming, growing, overflowing, economies with land prices soaring over $500,000 per acre.  However, being in this center, allows easy access to all three while, the cost of living is dramatically less.

4. The NAFTA trade agreement has mandated the U.S. Government build a 4 lane bridge over the Hoover Damn, as that road will be a designated Trade Route between Mexico, US and Canada.  It will be completed in 2008.  It will allow people to reach Las Vegas in 45 minutes to an hour and a half from Kingman.

5. The law of Supply and Demand is a "law".  Take advantage of it. The papers and the internet are filled with information about all this.  Google your way to knowledge.  It is all there.  It is easy to see what the future will look like. 

6.  The area in our" Bermuda Triangle"also has the added advantage of proximity to Lake Mead, Lake Havasu and all the Lake Mead National Park Land surrounding it.

Take advantage of it.  Buy some land now. From me or someone else but do it!  You will be glad you did.   I wish you all good luck.

Take a look at what I have, and give me a call at 702 354-7562 or email me at bill@vizart.com


Bill Sloan   

PS:  If you are looking for something other than what I have, I may be able to help you find it. 

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